Agro Concept in Land Development and Agricultural Investment


Agro Concept is one of the leading corporate companies in the sector with its years of experience, millions of square meters of Almond lands managed by it, experienced engineer team, sustainable agriculture concept, modern machinery inventory and hi-tech management programs.


The pricing is determined according to the condition and location of the land and is detailed and presented according to the content of the requested services.

Consultancy Before Land Investment
  • Finding land
  • Conducting Water and Soil tests
  • Pre-purchase compliance report
Professional Management of the Lands
  • Conducting and reporting all managerial activities such as irrigation, fertilizing, pruning, etc. in a professional manner
  • 3-Month reporting system
  • Professional Data Management
Turnkey Preparation of Full-Scale Lands
  • Preparation of the land with GPS before planting
  • Selecting the saplings and planting with GPS
  • Building irrigation and fertilization system
  • Fencing the land, which should be done as a standard, building gate and labour house
Professional Harvesting and Processing
  • Carrying out the harvest with our harvesting machines and reporting
  • Processing in Our Factories
  • Packaging and turning them into the end product